RCBC Conference 2014: Call for Presentations

RCBC invites academics and professionals to share their knowledge and expertise in recycling, waste prevention, waste management, organics management, environmental sciences, municipal planning, extended producer responsibility and sustainable economics at RCBC’s 40th Annual Zero Waste Conference from May 28-30, 2014 at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Whistler, B.C.

Selection Criteria | How to Submit | Conference Background | Why Present? 

As Einstein said, we cannot solve today’s problems with the same thinking that created them.  Clearly, it’s time to re-think business as usual and develop new approaches to prevent waste available through closed-loop or circular economic opportunities.

RCBC invites business leaders, economists, entrepreneurs, academics and professionals working in environmental sciences, organics, product stewardship, recycling, sustainability and waste prevention to share their ideas, innovations and knowledge. Be one of the leaders in the wholesale system change from antiquated practices of managing waste, to a future optimizing the resources within a sustainable economy.  

The circular economy is, by design and intention, restorative, in that material flows are either designed to re-enter the environment safely, or re-circulate into production. From the moment of conception, using design for environment, this approach optimizes systems rather than components, drawing from methods that include cradle-to-cradle, biomimicry, industrial ecology, where waste (residual resources) of one product, becomes input to create another.

Share your vision and help shape the future of waste prevention for the years to come.

We are looking for presentations in the following areas:

  • Advanced and innovative waste management and treatment technologies
  • Product development ideas based on feedstock from collected stewardship materials
  • Agricultural, commercial, forestry, industrial and mining waste and recycling issues
  • Chemical, household-hazardous, medical and special wastes
  • Composting and biological treatment
  • Construction, demolition and renovation waste prevention, recycling methods and management strategies
  • Design for waste prevention
  • Integrated waste management
  • Laws, legislation, policy and regulations
  • Resource recovery
  • Modeling and case studies
  • Public awareness, education and engagement
  • Waste and recycling collection, separation, transformation, treatment, recovery methods and technologies
  • Waste composition and generation studies
  • Waste and recycling management options
  • Waste reduction and prevention planning

Selection Criterias

Presentation selection is based on the following criteria:

1. Does the presentation reflect real-world examples and/or academic theory?

2. Is the presentation cutting-edge, innovative, fresh and relevant?

3. Will it strengthen the skills and knowledge of recycling and waste management professionals and business people?

Presenters are expected to provide a 20-minute presentation within a similarly themed grouping. Some longer presentations may be accommodated if warranted. Presentations promoting products, companies or individuals will not be considered. Please note that presentations are video recorded for online viewing and PDFs are made available to conference attendees after the event.

How to Submit

Presentation abstracts, including a working title and a short synopsis, should be a maximum of one page in length and submitted to RCBC on or before February 1, 2014. Submissions can be sent via email (brock@rcbc.ca), fax (604.683.7255) or mailed to: RCBC, Suite 10 – 119 West Pender St., Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1S5.

Conference Background

The Annual RCBC conference is attended by approximately 350-plus industry professionals from B.C. and North America. The three-day conference features a keynote speaker(s), presentations, workshops, information sessions and exhibits, as well as a Gala Dinner, entertainment and the annual awards presentation.

Why Present?

By presenting, you help raise the level of professionalism in the field and promote best practices to ensure a better future by sharing your expertise. You also enhance your reputation, make new contacts, gain recognition in your field and add to the body of knowledge to prevent and manage waste and recycling. Speakers are provided with complimentary registration for the day they present and are entitled to a significant discount on a full conference registration. Please note that the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort will extend the special room rates of $149 per night for three days prior and three days after the conference dates. Please come and plan to participate and enjoy one of North America’s premiere vacation resorts.


Questions regarding format or content of your presentation can be addressed to RCBC by email at conference@rcbc.ca.

For more information on RCBC events, contact Ben Ramos at 604-683-6009 ext. 314

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