2010 B.C. EPR Workshop


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In partnership with the B.C. Ministry of Environment, The North American Centre for Leadership in EPR at the Recycling Council of British Columbia presents the 2010 EPR Workshop, November 2-3, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, B.C. 

B.C. supported the CCME's Canada-wide Action Plan for EPR in October 2009. Contained in this plan is a list of products targeted by Canadian jurisdictions, including;

  • packaging and printed materials
  • electronics and electrical products
  • mercury-containing products (including lamps)
  • household hazardous and special wastes
  • automotive products
  • construction and demolition materials
  • furniture, textiles and carpet 
  • appliances (including ozone-depleting substances).

While many of these product categories are already regulated in BC, the Ministry of Environment Service Plan 2010/11 - 2012/13 commits to adding 2 new products every 3 years to B.C.'s Recycling Regulation, as well as a commitment to the CCME Canada Wide Action Plan Phases, listed above.

In 2010, British Columbia will consider developing new programs for the remaining products from the Phase one of the Action Plan, such as adding packaging or expanding the programs for household hazardous waste and automotive products.

If you are a producer of any products listed above, you don't want to miss day one. This is your chance to learn more about B.C. results based Recycling Regulation (enacted in 2004) and to better understand your compliance options.


(in pdf format)

Status of EPR in Canada and Future Direction: BC Climate Action Plan, CCME List, MOE's Service Plan

Setting the Stage for Success: Extended Producer Responsibility in British Columbia Teresa Conner & Meegan Armstrong, Ministry of Environment

Overview of Stewardship in BC

Industry-led Product Stewardship in British Columbia
Neil Hastie, Encorp Pacific Canada

B.C. EPR Compliance and Enforcement Framework

Extended Producer Responsibility Compliance Framework
Greg Tyson, Ministry of Environment

Operating Under the B.C. Legislative Model: Perspectives from B.C. Industry:

Electronics Stewardship Association of B.C. Program Overview
Joyce Thayer, ESABC

The B.C. Experience: The Need for Collaboration
Joe Zenobio, Call2Recycle

Thermostat Recovery Program: Implementation in B.C.
Jenna Bentley, Switch the 'Stat Program

Launching a Stewardship Program in B.C.

Sandy Sigmund, Encorp Pacific (Canada)

B.C.'s Focus on Performance

Stewardship Grows Up! 
Neil Hastie, Encorp Pacific

ESABC/EPSC Peformance Measures
Jay Illingworth, eStewardship

The Freakonomics of User Fees
Usman Valiante, Corporate Policy Group

Retailer Leadership

What's the Green Deal?
Clint Mahlman, London Drugs

Retailer Leadership in EPR Programs for Packaging
Allen Langdon, Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors

EPR: A Driver of the Green Economy

EPR: Environmental and Economic Benefits Lessons Learned from Ontario WEEE
Cindy Coutts, Sims Recycling Solutions Canada

Manufacturing and EPR
Craig Williams, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

Pepsico: Delivering Performance with Purpose
Neil Antymis, Pepsico Canada

Sustainability Through Innovation
John Bradshaw, Shaw Industries Inc.

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